Eastern Dry Coffee Mill

Eastern Dry Coffee Mill are International Manufacturers of fine Arabica Coffee. They are passionate about excellence in coffee and this is keenly demonstrated by the way they harvest and produce their Garde 1, Arabica Coffee. Their coffee is grown under optimal conditions in Rwanda, East Africa, the home of the best Arabica coffee in the world.  Their coffee is produced with the local community in mind, giving aid to economic and community development in Rwanda with fairness and sustanability firmly on the agenda.


"Fast, efficient, professional, skilled, affordable and friendly service" Dr Banjoko, Eastern Dry Coffee Mill

Corporate identity: Eastern Dry Coffee Mill

  • Re-creation of company logo 

Web design & development: 

  • Design and deployment of full Open Source Content Management System (CMS) website

Technologies used:
Joomla!, jQuery, MySQL, HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript

Website: www.easterndrycoffeemill.com

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